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Styrofoam (Thermocol)


Fortunately, the plastic recycling industry has been significantly growing in India for half a decade. Many social entrepreneurs have been stepping in to make their contribution to India’s dream of sustainability. Despite all advancements, a popular myth exists among common people and even recyclers that Thermocol (styrofoam) cannot be recycled but 5 years back our research helped us to find techniques to recycle Styrofoam and that too economically.

Both lacks of technology and high logistic costs have hindered the recycling of Styrofoam (EPS) but today we at Thermowaste Solutions feel proud to tell that we recycle approximately 60,000 kg/month of thermocol (Styrofoam) waste coming both from households and industries.

We have our own dedicated network of rag-pickers, spread across Ghaziabad and East Delhi, who collect thermocol waste from residential areas. Also, we have partnered with giants like Whirlpool India, Mohan Meekins Ltd, Surendra Packaging, and many more to help them recycle their plastic and Styrofoam waste.

The process includes making Thermocol (EPS) Lumps ("Gulla" in Hindi) and then through mechanical extrusion converting into pellets known as EPS Granules. Now we not only make granules through waste collected by us but also purchase Thermocol Lumps (EPS Gulla) to make granules.   

We are glad to have mastered the art of EPS Recycling.


Thermocol Scrap being recycled at our plant.
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