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Media Coverage

Listed in the list of India's Top 10 Waste Management Companies - 2021.

Silicon India magazine curated a list of India's TOP 10 most promising waste management companies in 2021 in which Thermowaste Solutions was also listed. The list was published in June 2021.

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Recently Sanyam Jain gave an interview to (One of India's top leading digital media platforms) for their story on thermocol waste management in India under their EcoIndia series. 

Interview with TV9 Bharat Varsh & Uttar Pradesh

Recently Bhagyashree Jain & Sanyam Jain featured on prime-time show telecasted by TV9 Bharatvarsh and Uttar Pradesh. Watch the story by Bhupender Soni Devrahi to know what's happening on the ground.

Interview with Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises

On 17th September Sanyam Jain gave an interview to the Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises. The interview revolved around the problems & solutions for thermocol & plastic recycling industries.

Featured by Entrepreneur India.
by Prabhjeet Bhatla

Entrepreneur India covers thermowaste solution's story from a small thermocol recycler to a recycler recycling all types of plastic waste with multiple plants in different cities.

Featured by The Economic Times.

ET covered our unique partnership with Hotels and Resorts. We collaborate with hotels and resorts to ensure zero waste to landfills.

Featured in Co-founder's town.
by Shruti Kaushik

Read the journey of Thermowaste Solutions which has provided a major breakthrough by recycling. Not just recycling plastic but also bursting myths around thermocol recycling.

Featured in Inwaster Co.
by Priyanka Sarda

Inwaster Co is an online platform that showcases almost every good thing that happens in the waste management industry. Recently Priyanka Sarda told our story to the world using this platform. This article covers our history and gives a glimpse of our future plans.

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